We have a vision of ALL the Johnstown Estates Working Together.

We believe that the areas that make up the Community of Johnstown can achieve so much more by cooperating, collaborating, sharing and working together that it will be of benefit to everyone resident.

Up until now we have been working in isolation. Even though we have similar concerns and issues we don't currently have a good communication network between us that will allow us to help each other.

We want to change this AND enhance Community Spirit within Johnstown.

What we can do.

It could be as simple as connecting and communicating.

Our Proposals.

Several individuals from different areas have joined an informal network. These are residents who are directly involved in organising or looking after residential areas within the reach of what we call "Johnstown".

Our Current Projects:

If you're interested in participating in ANY or All of the following please get in touch through the details on each page.

  1. Connecting Organisers
  2. Connecting Residents
  3. Tidy Towns
  4. Community Magazine