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Connecting Organisers

1. Connecting Organisers. 

We're creating a highly effective and informal communication network between organisers and proactive residents within our community. Essentially we're introducing ourselves and putting each other in touch with one another.

Who should join?

We have defined the area which we consider to form the "Johnstown Community" and there is a map and list below for you to consider.

The intention is to obtain from each area at least one representative who is proactive in organising their residents or maintaining their environment.

We are ideally seeking a member of the residents committee or if a formal group doesn't exist then someone well connected or proactive within their own neighbourhood.

What's involved?

  • Identifying these key individuals.
  • Gaining them as members to represent each location.
  • Their participation in a Members only Facebook Page to air conversation Topics in private.

What is the benefit?

Most areas don't have formal groups and this might be the prime time to form one. The network of helpers can offer advice on setting it up and it need not be time consuming or difficult.

We can inform and help each other with the 'day to day' needs of our areas such as:
  • Informally connecting up neighbourhood watch and community alert,
  • Promoting positive activities in the area.
  • Ideas on how to fundraise and the Grants available.
  • How to deal with the Council and what support they offer.
  • Solving and finding solutions to common problems.
  • Creating awareness of relevant news (or rumors).
  • Sharing knowledge of how to resolve problems.

We can also plan for the future.

As an organised group we can also discover what our Residents of Johnstown collectively need or what is a popular issue or concern. As a connected community the solution and remedy might come from the residents amongst us.

As a coordinate community we essentially have a stronger voice when we need to speak up or ask questions of the Council or others.  Please note that we wish to remain politically neutral and resident focused.

Could this be you? 

Interested in Joining? 

How to Join or recommend someone.

If you're not already in the 'loop' then simply send me a message, details are at the page end. 

There are many potential areas that need to be represented by key 'connected and proactive' residents within these Estates. The areas were defined by the map and some may overlap or be connected to others but we'd like to ensure we have all of the 'Johnstown' area represented.

Have a look to see if you, or someone you can ask to come forward, could represent the remaining areas.

If it's not you then please tell us who we might contact instead. 

Areas Estate Connected
1 Athlumney Abbey Yes
2 Athlumney Castle Need a contact
3 Athlumney Hall Yes
4 Athlumney Wood Yes
5 Bailis Downs Yes
6 Bailis Village Apartments Need a contact
7 Boyne View Yes
8 Boyne View 2nd phase Green Group Yes
9 Carne Hill Need a contact
10 Carne Wood Need a contact
11 Chestnut Court Johnstown Village Need a contact
12 Chestnut Hall Johnstown Village Need a contact
13 Cill Foireann Johnstown Village Need a contact
14 Cluain Na Boinne Need a contact
15 Cois Glaisín Need a contact
16 Johnstown Village Old Road area Need a contact
17 Johnstown Wood Yes
18 Maple (Johnstown Wood 2) Need a contact
19 Millbrook Need a contact
20 Spire View Need a contact
21 The Priory Yes

Key for the Google Map

  • Thumbs Up symbol - Connection and Rep Confirmed
  • Red Pin - Name provided but NO connection Confirmed.
  • Yellow Pin - Need to find a contact.

Johnstown Estates

A Private Member's Facebook Page will follow to aid future discussion of current topics.


Robin Marshall on Messenger

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