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Johnstown Tidy Towns

3. Tidy Towns

For some background information please read the official website www.TidyTowns.ie

Why support Tidy Towns

With a set of goals, determined by the competition guidelines, the underlying objective is essentially to reduce the litter in the area and improve the appearance of ‘Johnstown’. 

What we need.

In March there will be an AGM where we can form groups to identify projects and support the other goals and objectives of the competition.

Right now we need someone in each area to represent Tidy Towns.

Could this be you?

Who should be a Rep?

A proactive resident who is in a position to communicate with their own residents, the committee and other Reps. At the moment the 'Connected Organisers' mentioned earlier are the exact same people as the Tidy Town Area Reps.

What they will be asked to do?

The Tidy Towns initiative needs to gather support from across the entire area that increases volunteer numbers at the litter pick weekends and will bring about groups interested in enhancing our Johnstown Environment.

Our first challenge is simply reaching and encouraging residents to participate and join the volunteers and Facebook page.


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