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Website Help

Here are some Answers to possible Questions and Issues with this site that you may experience.

This site was built on the premise that you are viewing it on an Android smartphone with a 5 inch screen or larger.

# Images are distorted or off the screen
Try a different web browser since this was formatted and tested to work on Google Chrome.

# Text on screen is too small
In Google Chrome Menu / Settings / Accessibility you can adjust the screen text to suit yourself.

# Change the language
In Google Chrome Menu / Settings / Language you can adjust to suit yourself.

# Can't see the Facebook News Feed or the Google Forms.
If part of the screen is 'greyed out' or missing an image try reloading the web page to force a refresh of the screen and cached data.
Try a different web browser since this site was built using Google products: Sites, Forms, Gadgets and Chrome as the browser.

# Can't see enough of the screen using Google Forms.
Either turn your phone sideways to widen the screen display or slide the screen where the answer options are.

# Can't get back to the website after using a Google Form.
It has opened in a new browser window so simply close it to find the website open tab.

# Can't use the TEXT message or Contact Us or Share website.
Feature only works on some smartphones and not tablets or computers.
The code was only tested using Android and may not work for Apple, Windows,.......other platforms.

Contact Us TEXT button should populate the contact number.
Share TEXT button should populate only the message which you can edit and it leaves you to complete the contact number.

HOWEVER in most web browsers you can use 'SHARE' feature and select the option manually.

# Can't use the EMAIL to Contact Us or Share website
Feature only works for some Apps and Email systems.
Similar to TEXT if it doesn't work use the 'Share' feature within the web browser Menu.

# I want to Share the website using an App that's not listed.
In the Google Chrome Menu find 'Share' and all your App options are listed, we've only picked some common ones.

# Can't make any comments on pages
Access is currently limited to Site Administrators and those who can 'Sign In' with their Google ID. Use the TEXT, EMAIL or FORM to contact us.

If you're experiencing other issues or have suggestions please let us know BailisDownsRA@Hotmail.com

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