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2018 Activities on the Green

posted 9 Apr 2018, 12:51 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 9 Apr 2018, 13:09 ]

Bailis Downs Residents please READ and RESPOND to Provide or Decline general consent for events on the Large Green.

Either use a 'LIKEto indicate your general consent or PM / Comment on OUR Facebook Page posting which asks the same question 

OR reply YES / NO by text message to 086 896 1958.

We've been asked to allow Meath Local Sports Partnership to use part of the Bailis Downs main green for Multi Sport Events for children aged 6yrs to 12yrs. They would like to host one event per month from 10:30am to 12 starting Sat 14th April.

Last year's trial events had approx 20 children attend each small scaled sports activity, they were safe, controlled, insured and no car parking was required.


What does it cost to attend?
It's a FREE event

Do they pay to use the green?
No, they are volunteer's from local clubs doing this to encourage young children to be active.

Why on a Saturday Morning?
Most children will already be active in some sport on a Sat am and this is not aimed at them. It's for those not currently engaged with a sport, perhaps not interested or not able to attend those on offer elsewhere.

What Sports take place?
A bit a variety; athletics, duathlon, ultimate frisbee, tug of war etc took place last year but essentially only those activities that can be safely controlled on the green.

Are we paying for insurance?
No, we are not participating as a Residents Association. MLSP provides the liability insurance.

Who owns the land?
The Council, but in general the Residents can use it as they see fit provided it is with the general consent of those affected.

Why on Bailis Downs and not somewhere else?
This is a self defeating question since there currently is nowhere else locally which is flat, big enough, central to every local estate, close to public toilets, close to the Athlumney shopping centre car park, and not on privately owned land.

Please SHARE to any other Bailis Downs Resident ASAP.
We had little notice but it's a FREE event and it costs us nothing.

We need to reply to MLSP asap if it's going ahead or not.

reply YES / NO by text message to 086 896 1958.

The Johnstown Times

posted 26 Mar 2017, 23:35 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 9 May 2017, 07:42 by Robin Marshall ]

A new online monthly magazine for all residents of the wider Johnstown Area has launched.


Community Fund

posted 14 Mar 2017, 09:48 by BailisDowns Community

It's that time of year again when we're looking at our lawns and considering the 1st grass cut of the year. The same is true for the main greens and verges and we'd like to have them all cut in time for Easter.

Starting this evening we're calling door-2-door on our information week and we'll be distributing Neighbourhood Watch window stickers and fund collection envelopes.

The aim this year is to obtain 80% of households contributing IN FULL before the grass is cut and new Window Stickers will be issued to contributing households.

Lets not turn the green lawns into a 4ft high grass fields and face the huge cost in having it cut like last year.

It won't take long before the grass grows beyond the height of the ride on mower and then it's too late so please return the envelopes asap or have them ready for collection at the month end.

AGM Feedback

posted 26 Feb 2017, 11:21 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 26 Feb 2017, 11:36 ]

Attendee Households: 

89, 75, 51, 121, 139, 85, 57

Pre AGM Survey Submissions: 

13, 14, 18, 21, 23, 45, 52, 57, 59, 67, 68, 75, 78, 85, 86, 89, 90, 103, 104, 114, 118, 121, 123, 132, 134, 136, 139. 

2016 In Review

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered and given up their time to help our community in many different ways.

2016 was an unusual year with significant and dramatic changes. The outcome shows we have a community that pulls together when needed. I wish to extend a special thank you to those individuals and families who ‘went the extra mile’ to rally around and assist several of our resident families who experienced a very unfortunate and difficult year.

We came together to create Neighbourhood Watch with Text Alert and we hope to see you at the official launch event. We are fortunate to have a very quiet estate that does not attract much unwanted attention.

88% of households participated in sharing the burden and cost of maintaining our estate. It was not an easy process to watch the grass grow 4ft high but hopefully going forward and in years to come it will reduce the individual costs to us all.

We spoke with one voice with residents signing a petition and successfully stopping the ‘pedestrian permeability routes’ or lanes & footpaths that would connect us with our neighbours.

We more than doubled our engagement with residents through our Facebook Page and created www.BailisDowns.ie to enable us to reduce door-2-door paper flyers and communicate better.

The Bailis Times online magazine written for us, by us, and about us was very well received and thank you to everyone who participated in the 2 editions. In the next few weeks you will see another significant change but the aim is to build and enhance Community Spirit.

Finally, we offer a warm welcome to those who are new to our estate and encourage everyone to extend their friendship to ensure that we help them to join Our Community.


Robin, Chairperson

2017 AGM Headlines

  • Current Committee has been re-elected - Chairperson: Robin Marshall, Secretary: Darren Mulligan, Treasurer: Shanna O’Neil
  • AGM Prize Draw Winners - 1st Tim Casey, 2nd Cathal Finegan, 3rd Amanda Phelan
  • Facebook membership has grown significantly but may change to a Members Group Page.
  • Residents should join ‘Navan South-Communities Unite’ Facebook Group which is fast becoming the main noticeboard for all Johnstown.
  • €30 has been set as the Community Fund contribution, collections will begin in March.
  • 80% in full is the collection target before the grass will be cut.
  • 75% joined Neighbourhood Watch. Formal Launch Event Monday 27th Feb. A minimum contribution to the estate fund is required to participate. 2 signs will be erected.
  • Local area road traffic is set to get significantly worse.
  • The ‘Pedestrian Permeability Through Routes’ Project has been Stopped
  • No Community Facilities for Johnstown have been planned at this stage.
  • Estate has still not been taken in charge, Irish Water and Council still resolving details.
  • We will plan to enter Pride of Place using the entrance area as a project.
  • We will support the Johnstown Tidy Towns entry.


These have been updated in our website Goals and Updates section.

Brief reply to comments:

1) Meath Local Sports Partnership

Opportunity being investigated by several estate representatives to bring the scheme to Johnstown. At present the nearest location is Blackwater Park.

2) Cars parking on the entrance road into the estate.

Many have commented how dangerous it has become to pass into oncoming traffic. However, it is legal to park there and residents are within their right to do so but at their own risk too. 

3) Area for children to play.

Unfortunately we don’t own the green spaces nor are we insured to host activities on them. 

The Johnstown Peoples Park has within their proposal a children’s play area but this has yet to achieve planning permission. 

4) Cars speeding through the estate

Once the Council Take the Estate in charge it will no longer be a private road and speed limit will be 30. We are not allowed to install speed ramps or similar without legal repercussions.

5) Cars unable to Exit our estate

We are considering a project involving all the Johnstown Estates to approach the Council to sort out what is becoming a congested bottleneck.

6) Dog Fouling

RM to approach the council to ask for signage and dog bins.

7) Footpaths on Oak Place

It took 4 years to establish the paths at the far end of the estate but we’ll ask…..don’t hold your breath though.

8) Tree growing in the ESB box on the main green.

RM to contact the supplier and the alternative is that we cut down what we can.

9) Antisocial Behaviour

These are mostly kids from nearby estates who have no alternative place to go therefore hang around our estate (and are entitled to since some are our residents). If the proposed Community Facilities appear things may change.

For a copy of the AGM Minutes email: 


Launch Event

posted 24 Feb 2017, 08:12 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 25 Feb 2017, 01:31 ]

Bailis Downs Neighbourhood Watch

Launch and Information Night



In common with all Residents in Bailis Downs Estate, you are invited to consider participating in an initiative called Neighbourhood Watch.


What is it Neighbourhood Watch?

It’s a crime prevention programme to encourage you and your neighbours to co-operate with each other and the Gardaí in reducing crime in your area. Neighbourhood Watch is a proven effective scheme and the underlying principle objective is to Watch over each others well being and property as good and caring neighbours. Bailis Downs is a good estate, this is your chance to keep it that way!


So what’s involved?

Very little. It merely involves raising your awareness about crime. It can alert you to particular types of crime that may be occurring generally. You will get tips on your personal and home safety and importantly, get the chance to register for the ‘Text Alert’ initative. It can help to reduce crime in your area. It simply involves the reporting of any suspicious activity that bothers you to the Gardaí, in confidence and on your own terms. A Co-ordinator would be appointed and he or she would effectively run it and deal directly with the Liaison Garda on your behalf.


So does it actually work?

Yes it does both in urban and rural areas. It sends out a definite message to criminals coming into your area that they are being watched and that their presence and movements will be reported. It will also establish direct dialogue between the Co-ordinator and the Liaison Garda and this can be very useful in terms of dealing with any problems that may be affecting you or your neighbours generally.

The Launch of Bailis Downs Neighbourhood Watch will take place on Monday the 27th of February, 8:30pm to 9pm in the Lounge of Taylors, Johnstown

All residents in the Estate area are asked to attend.         

Communities Unite on Facebook

posted 12 Feb 2017, 10:49 by BailisDowns Community


N.S.C.U. Page membership is growing rapidly with residents from all neighbouring Estates joining in on the important & relevant topics currently being aired that affect us all.

However there are many of OUR Residents who have yet to join it.
Please take this opportunity to check & SHARE Navan South - Communities Unite Page with your friends and neighbours in ALL of our Local Estates.

If the Page can become the Voice of our Connected Neighbourhood then when we need to act on behalf of all Johnstown areas we have a Stronger Voice with the Council and others.

At the moment the Old Energie Gym is a golden opportunity (see the many Page postings) & I'm sure there will be future issues with solutions that we can work together as “Navan South Communities Unite” to achieve.

Share the Page with them now.

Johnstown Tidy Towns

posted 7 Feb 2017, 04:40 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 7 Feb 2017, 04:43 ]

For those not using Facebook here's a direct News Feed from the Johnstown Tidy Towns page.

Facebook users please Like and Follow the Page.

Meath Crime Prevention

posted 18 Dec 2016, 10:49 by BailisDowns Community

Since some Residents do not use Facebook they will not be aware of the valuable information posted by 'Meath Crime Prevention'. To enable these people to see it we are showing their News Feed on the 'Neighbourhood Watch' page accessed via the TAB at the top of this site.

Estate Taken in Charge Update

posted 15 Dec 2016, 23:37 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 24 Feb 2017, 08:05 ]


Update 23/02/17 and still no further forward with issues to resolve between Irish Water and The Council.

It's been over 1 year since we lodged the application and there must be an issue with Irish Water that is holding up the process since all the Council feedback mentions them. We don't have any specific details.

Neighbourhood Watch

posted 26 Oct 2016, 22:36 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 26 Nov 2016, 13:37 by Robin Marshall ]

UPDATE 14/11
We've now submitted our enrollment forms and are awaiting feedback for when we can formally start. We are operating an unofficial Text Alert scheme as part of our Neighbourhood Watch and all residents can join for free using the enrolment form.

To begin Neighbourhood Watch Scheme we need to do 2 things which will involve everyone:

1. Fill out this simple enrollment form ONLINE or wait for the paper version which we'll bring door to door for you to complete.
To see our current Enrollment Status check out the section in the current Magazine.

2. We have held a first introduction meeting with the Community Garda with residents from each general area to attending, listening and asking questions about the scheme:

Update after Meeting with the Community Garda Tues 9.15pm, 25th October @ Taylors.

Thank you to those who came to last nights meeting with the Community Garda to discuss setting up the Neighbourhood Watch and also the Text Alert Scheme.

Both schemes go hand in hand with the objectives of being able to report on criminal, suspicious or antisocial activity and also to receive information requests / warnings quickly by text when it is appropriate. The scheme is simple and effective.The only requirement is for our residents to be the eyes and ears of the community and to report activity for the safety and protection of your neighbours.

It was decided that we should proceed and setup both schemes since there are significant benefits that are outlined on our website. This means we need you to complete the enrollment form asap online via www.BailisDowns.ie OR if you can’t then to do it then via the form at the ‘doorstep’ when we call.

It is for the OCCUPANT to join and all we need to know is:

  • Your Name, address and contact details
  • If you wish to have the scheme in our Estate
  • If you’re willing to report suspicious activity
  • If you’re interested on taking on a role

A further 'door 2 door' enrollment will be carried out to get as many residents involved as possible. The closing date was set for Friday Nov 5th to get enrolled and to allow our community to then formally apply for the scheme.

If you’re not part of the scheme you won’t receive any notifications however everyone should always report ALL criminal, suspicious or antisocial behaviour to the Garda.

With Bailis Downs joining the schemes we will be increasing the areas already covered by our neighbouring Estates and make our wider Johnstown Community safer and more secure.

The next step?

Submit the application to the Garda for Bailis Downs to formally join the scheme.

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