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Neighbourhood Watch

posted 26 Oct 2016, 22:36 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 26 Nov 2016, 13:37 by Robin Marshall ]

UPDATE 14/11
We've now submitted our enrollment forms and are awaiting feedback for when we can formally start. We are operating an unofficial Text Alert scheme as part of our Neighbourhood Watch and all residents can join for free using the enrolment form.

To begin Neighbourhood Watch Scheme we need to do 2 things which will involve everyone:

1. Fill out this simple enrollment form ONLINE or wait for the paper version which we'll bring door to door for you to complete.
To see our current Enrollment Status check out the section in the current Magazine.

2. We have held a first introduction meeting with the Community Garda with residents from each general area to attending, listening and asking questions about the scheme:

Update after Meeting with the Community Garda Tues 9.15pm, 25th October @ Taylors.

Thank you to those who came to last nights meeting with the Community Garda to discuss setting up the Neighbourhood Watch and also the Text Alert Scheme.

Both schemes go hand in hand with the objectives of being able to report on criminal, suspicious or antisocial activity and also to receive information requests / warnings quickly by text when it is appropriate. The scheme is simple and effective.The only requirement is for our residents to be the eyes and ears of the community and to report activity for the safety and protection of your neighbours.

It was decided that we should proceed and setup both schemes since there are significant benefits that are outlined on our website. This means we need you to complete the enrollment form asap online via www.BailisDowns.ie OR if you can’t then to do it then via the form at the ‘doorstep’ when we call.

It is for the OCCUPANT to join and all we need to know is:

  • Your Name, address and contact details
  • If you wish to have the scheme in our Estate
  • If you’re willing to report suspicious activity
  • If you’re interested on taking on a role

A further 'door 2 door' enrollment will be carried out to get as many residents involved as possible. The closing date was set for Friday Nov 5th to get enrolled and to allow our community to then formally apply for the scheme.

If you’re not part of the scheme you won’t receive any notifications however everyone should always report ALL criminal, suspicious or antisocial behaviour to the Garda.

With Bailis Downs joining the schemes we will be increasing the areas already covered by our neighbouring Estates and make our wider Johnstown Community safer and more secure.

The next step?

Submit the application to the Garda for Bailis Downs to formally join the scheme.