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Launch Event

posted 24 Feb 2017, 08:12 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 25 Feb 2017, 01:31 ]

Bailis Downs Neighbourhood Watch

Launch and Information Night



In common with all Residents in Bailis Downs Estate, you are invited to consider participating in an initiative called Neighbourhood Watch.


What is it Neighbourhood Watch?

It’s a crime prevention programme to encourage you and your neighbours to co-operate with each other and the Gardaí in reducing crime in your area. Neighbourhood Watch is a proven effective scheme and the underlying principle objective is to Watch over each others well being and property as good and caring neighbours. Bailis Downs is a good estate, this is your chance to keep it that way!


So what’s involved?

Very little. It merely involves raising your awareness about crime. It can alert you to particular types of crime that may be occurring generally. You will get tips on your personal and home safety and importantly, get the chance to register for the ‘Text Alert’ initative. It can help to reduce crime in your area. It simply involves the reporting of any suspicious activity that bothers you to the Gardaí, in confidence and on your own terms. A Co-ordinator would be appointed and he or she would effectively run it and deal directly with the Liaison Garda on your behalf.


So does it actually work?

Yes it does both in urban and rural areas. It sends out a definite message to criminals coming into your area that they are being watched and that their presence and movements will be reported. It will also establish direct dialogue between the Co-ordinator and the Liaison Garda and this can be very useful in terms of dealing with any problems that may be affecting you or your neighbours generally.

The Launch of Bailis Downs Neighbourhood Watch will take place on Monday the 27th of February, 8:30pm to 9pm in the Lounge of Taylors, Johnstown

All residents in the Estate area are asked to attend.