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The Old Energie Gym

posted 7 Jul 2016, 00:09 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 8 Feb 2017, 05:05 ]
08/02/17 Update: The sale of the Old Energie Gym has fallen through for the Lighthouse Church. It's back on the market 
Petition started up by Residents asking for the Council to purchase it.

13/10 Update: The building has now been bought and rumor has it that it's the Light House Church.

09/10 Update: Someone has bought the building and rumor has it that it's either the 'Mr Price' shop or the 'Lighthouse Church'. Either way we hope it'll reopen as something and they clean up the building.


This was closed quite a few months ago and now boarded up. It's unlikely to reopen as a gym especially with competition from gyms on the far side of Navan.

Rumor has it that planning proposals have and continue to be made to find a use for it that incorporate a community facility space that could be hired to local groups.

When something happens we'll be delighted to let everyone know.