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1. Online Community.

posted 26 Jun 2016, 01:42 by BailisDowns Community   [ updated 26 Feb 2017, 00:13 ]

'The aim for developing and improving our online presence is to avoid the need for paper door-to-door flyers and know that we are communicating with our Residents'. 

2017 Plan

We have proposed 2 significant changes about our Facebook Page.

1. Johnstown Page

All residents are encourage to join Navan South Communities Unite which we envisage as the Main Facebook Page and information notice board for Johnstown. 


It already hosts most posts common to all estates and has nearly 1,000 followers already. What happens in one estate affects all of Johnstown so it makes sense to have one Page for the wider community whilst individual areas like Bailis Downs host their own local information and feed into it.

2. Bailis Downs Page

Throughout 2016 we significantly increased Facebook Follower numbers but individual personal privacy settings hides the identity of the vast majority. 

With 142 Households and potentially 280 adults we don't know if we have the attention of 75% or only 10%. of our residents. Not knowing this essential information defeats the objectives of having the page as a communication tool.

When we post an article Facebook reports to administrators on how many people the posting reaches. Occasionally it reports 100's of people and once or twice it has stated 3,500 people reached. When this happens we definitely know that it's gone beyond our residents but it's not a popularity contest and the reported results become meaningless. 

The Drastic Proposal.

Delete the current page and start again but as a Membership Group where the page functions exactly the same as it does now but with subtle differences:

The Advantages

  • Personal privacy still operates where we see only basic member information.
  • Every member can be identified by name.
  • It will allow us to identify missing households.
  • It shows viewing numbers by members and not a meaningless page ‘reach’.
  • If we chose to have an ‘Open’ group it allows Non Members to see the posts without joining.
  • Enables group chat between members without needing to ‘Friend’ each other.
  • Enables quick member surveys with instant results viewed by everyone.


  • We start again from zero followers and new members request to join.
  • Cannot embed page within our website for non-Facebook users to view.

Action Plan: 

These changes are only proposed and if they do gain approval to change it will be done over a period of time to allow it to be a smooth transition. We don't wish to lose our audience.