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4. Annual Contributions

posted 26 Jun 2016, 00:23 by Robin Marshall   [ updated 28 Feb 2017, 22:23 by BailisDowns Community ]

The community needs your financial support in order to maintain the estate and our home environment.

After several years of very low levels of support in 2016 the decision was taken to allow the grass to grow until 80% of households made a contribution to the fund. The intention was to show that it is in everyone's interest to have the greens cut and that it really does make a huge difference to our environment and every household is affected regardless of whether or not they actually set foot on the green spaces.

The support we received:
  • x125 Household Contributions 88% 
  • x105 gave Full contributions 74% 
  • x20  gave Part contributions 14%
  • x17  gave Nothing 12%
Unfortunately, it took 8 weeks after our first communication to raise the contributions and in this time the grass grew to over 4 foot requiring a specialist team and cost 2/3 of our funds to cut it. 

If we can achieve the same support before the grass grows over the height of a lawn mower blade we will be in a position to reduce future contribution.

Despite the 88% support in 2016 our year end balance from contributions was approx MINUS €60.

The 2017 Plan

  • €30 is set as the Community Fund Contribution
  • 80% of Households are requested to contribute in Full before the grass is cut.
  • A Door-2-Door information fortnight followed by Collections will commence in March.
  • 2017 Window Stickers will be issued to stop the circular argument of 'I'm not contributing because no one else is'.
  • All Grass verges will be cut, residents can lower them further if they choose.
  • All roadside kerbs will be weed sprayed.
  • Facebook target results chart will be published weekly.
  • If we achieve an excess fund then 2018 Contribution fund may be reduced.