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7. Street Signage

posted 26 Jun 2016, 00:19 by Robin Marshall   [ updated 1 Mar 2017, 02:09 by BailisDowns Community ]

Look into getting roadside signage .....but what is needed and where?

We can print almost anything on a street sign but the concern is always that it won’t be read by those who really need to read it. There are standard signs available but will they work and catch peoples attention. 

We are waiting for our Estate to be Taken In Charge by the council as we believe that they will provide some essential street signage and road markings as part of the process.

We will ask the Council for 'Clean up After your Dog' signs but we are limited on where to place these.

Neighbourhood Watch signs will be obtained but require planning permission so will take time.

Once the Council possess the estate we see what they achieve and what we can add.