Supporting our Community.

Bailis Downs is a quiet Residential Estate in Johnstown, South East Navan.

Every resident is encouraged to make an active contribution to enhance & maintain our community & environment.


January 6th, 2021

Rats Reported

A number of sightings within back gardens has been reported and the households within the vicinity have received a door-2-door flyer requesting their assistance in resolving the problem.

2020 Grass Fund - Insufficient

As expected, without the door 2 door collections, the return of Grass Cutting Contribution Envelopes has been extremely low and not nearly enough to pay for this year's grass cutting.

Covid has meant many jobs have been impacted and if you find yourself unable to contribute this year just send us a message 0868961958 so that we don't call on you when we resume door to door collections.

Please return envelopes asap and a receipt will be issued and returned.

Neighbourhood Watch

New residents are invited to join the FREE scheme to support the Community.

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