Urban Orchard

November 2021

Fruit trees, and opportunity to improve the wall area on the main green.


Tree Branch Pruning

The trees are the responsibility of Meath County Council but we can trim any low branch which impares pedestrian use of pavements.

If there are trees in your area causing issues please contact us - see details at page end.

Fence Line Planting

The timber fence along the boundary with Bothar Sion, facing the Shopping Centre is frequently sprayed with weedkiller by Meath County Council (which looks dreadful), and allows for litter to blow across the green from the pavement.

Residents supported by Johnstown Tidy Towns provided soil, compost and some initial wildflower seeds were sown in Autumn - they will be very slow to sprout.

In Spring 2021 more wildflower seeds will be sown and include climbing nasturtiums and low level marigolds. Not only will the planting create a summer display but it should stop the council from using weedkiller and provide a litter barrier.

Subject to future funding we would hope to plant shrubs such as heathers to provide a year round litter barrier and colourful display.

Estate Clean Up

Volunteers are needed in each area to clean the weeds from the roadside edges and binning any litter on the streets.


Horse Chestnut Trees

Autumn 2020

Trees planted along our boundary with Metges Road.

Winter Lights Feature 2020

Winter, 2020

Johnstown Tidy Towns provided the opportunity to light the ring of trees on the main green over the darker winter months.