The consensus of those who replied to our quick survey on the proposal outlined below is to PROCEED with the planting of Fruit trees on the main green.

A workshop for 2 volunteers in early December at Solas Glan Community Garden will not only provide information on how to plant and manage the trees, but also how to arrange the site. We do not yet have a planting design layout and the issues/comments/concerns provided by residents will be incorporated.

The planting design will be circulated for feedback and consensus before implementation.

November 2021

Urban Orchard Project

An opportunity has come up which requires rapid feedback from Residents - there's no cost but we want feedback before committing to a project.

We're seeking approval (and help) from residents to create a small fruit tree orchard on the Bailis Downs main green.

Your RESPONSE is needed.

The Opportunity

During the summer the Wild About Navan environmental group invited Navan resident associations to apply to host an Urban Orchard of 5 to 8 FREE fruit trees.

  • Blood of the Boyne Apple

  • Wild Cherries

  • Damsons

  • Crab apples

The project aims to reintroduce pollinator and wildlife friendly trees into Navan estates.

Our offer to host one has been accepted as one of two Johnstown pilot sites.

What is involved?

The trees are provided without cost, planting and maintenance training is being offered by Solas Glen Community Garden, and we will need to plant and maintain the trees. We don't envisage there being a great deal of work required once planted but it's an opportunity for both young and older to get involved to create something special.

Proposed Location

We are suggesting that we develop the space on the main green between the central shrubs and the garden walls of houses 142/117.

We are proposing to initially host the fruit trees and to then develop the area with flowering shrubs, wildflowers, and to have a meandering grass path between longer-grown grass lawn areas.

We don't yet have a planting plan since we need residents to help create it, here's an image to potentially get the ball rolling.

NOTE: This image is for illustration only. Nothing has been designed or planned in any detail. If approved a group of volunteers will be invited to design the tree positions and any planting layout.

Will you Help?

If approved we will need a handful of volunteers to help create a planting masterplan and to actually help plant the trees this year, and develop the site in spring.

A training session will be hosted by Solas Glen Community Garden closer to the date and you are welcome to attend.

Yes or No ?

Quick Reply Needed with:

  • Your house number

  • YES / NO to the proposal

  • If you would help.

Reply via:

Results will be published and decision made on Sunday November 14th.